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Aqua Feed 

Norvidan Overseas has more than 30 years of experience with development and integration of computerised process control systems for optimizing production.

skaerm-fisk-2-lille.jpgThe following products are valuable for the Aqua Feed industry: 

  • Pellet Press optimization and control system - TOPS
  • Extruder and Expander process control system - NECS
  • Dryer and cooler process control system - NDOS
  • Fat spray at the die system - FADS
  • Process control system for batching/blending and/or microdosing  - POWDOS
  • Complete process control system for whole plants - NPCS
  • Online durability and fines measurement - NOQS
  • Online moisture measurement - NIMS
  • Online density measurement - NODS

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Recipe Management
Choose NECS for recipe management and data logging